Contemporary Art Exhibitions & Installations

Recognized as one of the finest contemporary art galleries in the area, MAXFARGO showcases artistic works from masters and modern Comic Book industry artists alike. You'll find works from acclaimed penciler and inkers right next to underground and local artists. Our idea is to provide a mixed and eclectic forum as the world of art is too diverse to simply showcase masterworks or pieces from famous comic-artists of the present and past.

Emotional, Spiritual & Social Catalysts

Art does not exists. What we call Art is something coming from our deepest dreams. The ultimate vehicle for expression, art bridges the gaps between backgrounds, classes, beliefs, and time. It encourages thinking and dialogue. It also is a catalyst for change. Art is mankind's storyteller and storybook.

Comic Arts Collection

Since early 90's collecting, tradind, buying and selling Original Comic Arts from the greatest Artist of the Comic Industry. Always interested in purchasing and trading.

Recent Events & Exhibitions

ARF! Art Roman Festival 25-27/05/2018

Napoli Comicon : 29/04-02/05/2018

Lake of Como Comic art Festival: Cernobbio 17-19/05/2018

Lucca Collezionando: 24-25/03/2018